Three Surprising Places To Meet Women

Are you one of the guys who want to jump back to the dating wagon but remain unsuccessful in doing so? You probably got the looks, the personality and the right attitude. So, what could possibly be wrong? It could not be for the lack of trying on your end. Take a moment and contemplate then: what avenues are you using to increase the chances of meeting the girl of your dreams? Have you looked through your current network of friends or friends of family? Have you seen past your colleagues’ demeanor to treat them more than just co-workers? Have you been active in the social arena in the first place?


If you have done the above suggestions and still, your efforts have brought you no result, do not be discouraged. Your dilemma could simply be caused by choosing the wrong venues.

Where To Meet Women

Here are some ideas on where to look for the ladies. Learn tips on how you could boost your men pheromones in order to attract your lady.

1.Classes.  One of the secrets to catching their attention is by being a very interesting person. How could you accomplish this? By taking new interests, of course. If you’re a good dancer or excellent cook, the opportunity to be noticed increases ten-fold. Develop more skills. Attend dancing or cooking sessions. Expand your horizon by exposing yourself to concepts that are unfamiliar to you: Art, Photography, Music, Literature, Language, and Technology. Get out of your comfort zone and let your pheromones do their work. Remember that the more activities you get involved in, the higher the chance to encounter different kinds of people.

2. Clothing Mall. It’s a given fact: Women love shopping! And being asked for their opinion or two is a great way for you to start off a conversation. Pick a couple of ties and compare them meticulously. Give the impression that you are undecided which one to buy. An observant female would be bound to notice you when you do this. Ask for her help. You could also try browsing through various shelves as if you’re shopping for your mom and could not select what item to give her. Girls would love that!

3. Grocery Store. This place requires careful planning and perfect timing should you want to explore this technique. If you spot an attractive gal, be subtle in finding out if she’s married or not (i.e. if she’s wearing a ring, she’s obviously taken) and if she’s alone or have company. You wouldn’t want to appear creepy should you decide to directly approach and get her number, would you? Study her likes and dislikes based on the items she put on her cart. If she reaches for a certain brand of milk, do the same. Avoid glancing her way so it would not be too evident that you are copying her moves. If she smiles, that’s the body language you should take advantage on to be introduced to her.