Tips For Men: 5 Distinct Traits Of A Man That Make Him Attractive To A Successful Woman

Suppose you meet this lady who is an epitome of a modern-day woman – tough, independent, full of confidence and determination. She knows what she wants and definitely sure how to get it. You like her instantly. You want to pursue her to be your future partner. The question now is how to catch her attention long enough for her to see you as a potential mate.

What Every Man Needs To Have To Attract A Successful Woman

Learn the traits that will make you irresistible to her. Here are five (5) characteristics that you need to have.

1.       You have got to have the appeal. Women are not immuned to guys oozing with appeal and charm. You do not have to be the best-looking guy in town. It’s all about being sizzling hot and sexy. Do remember that sexiness is not limited to physical attributes alone. You can be ultra-sexy regardless if you are shorter that she is or bald even. The trick is to find out her weakness and use it to your pheromone advantage. She loves humor, be funny. She is used to being treated as one of the guys. Make her feel feminine and appreciated.


2.       You have got to have the brains. She must be dominating her field for a reason – she’s smart. You must know then how to stimulate her mind. You have to be able to communicate well with her – verbally with your witty words and non-verbally with your quiet actions. Identify her interests and check if you have something in common. If you do, that’s the common ground you can capitalize on to create intelligent and meaningful conversations. Let it be your ticket to attract and engage the human pheromones in her.

3.       You have got to be excellent at something. At one point or another, she must be an achiever. Hence, so should you. Hone those dancing skills if you have the talent. Practice perfecting a dish she enjoys if you are good in cooking. Master the art of being the best lover and friend.

4.       You have got to be self-assured about your own capabilities. She certainly wouldn’t want someone insecure of her success. She will most likely be financial independent and it will take a great strength of character in your part to accept that.

5.       You have got to be faithful and dependable. Her career will probably be one of her topmost priorities. There may be times that family life may only come second. Do not question her every move. Have faith in her. Be supportive and appreciative of her professional ambitions.






Reasons For Dating A Friend

The dating game is one of the oldest relationship games that people, especially young people, play. The goal is to meet someone and develop a relationship that can last both parties for a long time. W

Below are some of the advantages of dating a friend.

  • No awkward first meeting. Firstly, you already know each other. Hence, the awkward part where you are total strangers to each other has passed a long time ago when you first met each other. There will be no need to worry too much about how you look or whether you should wear your pheromones cologne, because you have probably seen each other many times in different circumstances with different looks.

  • You know each other’s bad side (and good side!). Sometimes, when you are dating someone new, there is trepidation over how a potential partner might accept your bad side. Everyone has one and the good thing about dating a friend is that you have both seen a glimpse of each other’s bad side. Hence, there will be no surprises and you can relax in each other’s company. Some might say that it lowers the excitement level but the advantage of pheromones is that if you there is attraction between the two of you, it will be there and you will feel it between the two of you.

  • You are aware of each other’s baggage. The past is sometimes something that you prefer not to relieve especially when it comes to your past relationships. The good thing about dating a friend is that there is no need to hide your past or to dread having to tell your partner about it. Chances are he or she already has an idea of it especially if you have been friends for a long time already.

  • You accept each other. Staying friends with someone means that you have accepted each other despite each other’s bad sides and baggage. This can be a liberating thought when you are dating someone because you would be free to focus on whether you can make the relationship work instead of worrying about being accepted by the other person.

  • You get along well. There are times when there is nothing wrong with two people who are dating except for the fact that they do not get along well. Dating a friend ensures this aspect because otherwise, you will not be friends in the first place.






Perks Of Having A Relationship With A Cougar

A few decades back, relationships with older women are usually seen as nothing more than a means to gain financially. Nowadays, more and more men are bravely getting involved with older women as they learn the perks of having a relationship with a cougar. Here are just some examples of those perks.

  • Sexual compatibility. Some men are just sexually frustrated with young women or women of the same age. The most common reason is that their partners usually cannot keep up with their sexual appetite. This may be because females nowadays are also becoming as career-oriented as (if not more than) their male counterparts and the pheromones in men seem to have little effect on them. The problem is as they devote more and more time and attention to their work, the less they have for their partners. And to make matters worse, the more successful they become, the more they rely on their careers for fulfillment instead of on their relationships. This is usually a different case for men, perhaps because of the disparity in the level of testosterone produced in the body. You see, despite being successful in their chosen careers, males still retain (if not at all increase) their sexual appetite and may even have increase in male pheromone. And with much older and more financially-secured cougars as partners, men find their sexual needs a lot easily fulfilled.

  • More experience. When it comes to bed, some men want to take the lead. Others just want to follow. If you’re the latter type, you’ll obviously find your sex life more enjoyable if your partner is a good leader. How, can this be if she has very little experience on the matter? On the other hand, if you’re with someone who’s had a lot of practice on and understanding of sex (like most cougars), all you need to do is to sit back and let her take you to the greatest heights of your sexual fantasies.

  • Maturity. While some men work well with lovers of the same age, there are those who just need to be with more mature partners in order to remain stable and become emotionally more mature. Who better to teach you about maturity than someone who is older than you, right? Older women, especially, are emotionally, mentally, and financially more secured partners than early twenty, greenhorn upstarts. Since they’ve gone past the struggle of establishing their careers, and the insecurity of young age, they’ll be able to provide you with more support than you need.






How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Gay

Nowadays, being gay is not out of the ordinary. Although homosexuality is still considered deviant behavior by some people, a growing number of people in different societies are slowly becoming more accepting of it. Despite the number of people who are also openly admitting that they are gay, there are still a lot of people who are not that aware that they might be gays. For these people, they are sometimes surprised into realizations about their sexuality.


Unfortunately, for some people who have not come out yet or who have yet to realize that they are gay, having a relationship with the opposite gender is not unusual. Human pheromones still do their work and there could be some attraction involved even if the other person is of the opposite gender. Even if they may be gay, it does not necessarily mean that they will be unaffected by women pheromones.


If you find yourself wondering at times whether your boyfriend is gay or not, below are some signs to watch out for.

  • Grooming habits. Sometimes a guy’s grooming habits may indicate something about him even if it may seem stereotypical. Many gay men are usually very particular about the various products that they use. Also, gay men take a very long time getting ready or even in the bathroom. If your boyfriend seems vainer than you, then it might be time to start looking for other signs to check if he is gay or not.



  • Idolizes divas. Most guys do not idolize divas such as Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Cher, and Mariah Carey. If your boyfriend is crazy about these divas, then try asking him why. Try to find out if he likes other singers, music groups, or bands. If he seems loyal to these singing divas, then it might be a sign of his true nature.
  • Notices other men. There is a difference between appreciating a fellow guy and noticing them because they are hot. Try to watch his eyes whenever a hot guy passes by. As a girlfriend, you will know whether it is just a glance or it is an appreciative look.
  • Fashionista. If your boyfriend seems more like a fashion guru and you constantly ask him for his opinion on what you are wearing or how you look like, then he might be gay. Simple general comments such as ‘you look okay’ is more typical of men. On the other hand, gays will give you detailed criticisms as well as suggestions on how you can look better.





Tips For Men: Ten (10) Tips On How To Make A Woman Say Yes To A Date

Asking a woman out can be terrifying for most of the guys. Perhaps the idea of being rejected is the biggest contributing factor to that fear. Here are ten (10) tips to resolve that.


  1. Do your research. What are her likes and dislikes? Where does she usually hang out and with whom? Learning her preferences will give you an advantage as to what will give a positive feedback from her.


  1. Create opportunities to meet and greet. If she regularly goes to a certain coffee shop to relax on a hectic day, make sure she spots you there once in a while. If she loves books and spends her Saturdays browsing through the latest editions in a local bookstore, be present there as well. Most of the ladies believe in romance and destiny so creating these opportunities sends a message that you have common interest. If she happens to glance your way, smile and maintain eye contact. If she responds positively, approach her. Ensure that you are in your best form – from face to attire so she’d notice you as an attractive male.


  1. Show your fun and cheerful side. Chances are, if you can assure her that you’re a joy to be with, she would want to spend more time with you. Remember, emotions are contagious. Make her comfortable with your company. She’ll have second thoughts turning you down if you establish a good rapport with her.


  1. Exude an air of mystery. Majority of the female population love challenges so do not be too eager and showy with your feelings. Act normally when you talk to her. Leave a few interesting details out so she would be prompted to get to know you more.


  1. Be an alpha-male. Stand out from the pack. Knowing that you are highly respected and you can protect her anytime is something she’d weigh and consider before going out with you. Be calm when you are around her. This connotes you are in control of yourself and the whole situation.


  1. Flirt with body language. Display your playful traits and build the attraction. Let her know you are interested in a subtle way. Lean slightly towards her so she can get a whiff of you or your cologne. Studies prove that pheromones attract women and wearing an irresistible scent solidifies questions like does she find me attractive, would she really say yes, do pheromones actually work?


  1. When to ask her out. Watch her moves. Does she mimic yours? If yes, this may indicate she returns some of the feelings. A perfect opportunity to do this is when she’s laughing, telling a lot about her self, matching your stare and basically, enjoying herself with you. When the question pops up, do not forget to consult her schedule and availability.


  1. Where to take her. Rule of thumb is nothing too fancy for first or initial dates. Pick some place simple and public. Dinner and movies are norm venues but it can produce pressure to the lady for it signifies a more solid connection. Therefore, select a location where she can feel safe. Some great places or activities to try: a walk on the beach, a picnic activity, or a café or ice cream date.


  1. Ask her out directly. Do not give her room for rejection by being vague with – do you want to go out sometime? Ask her questions that she can easily say yes to so that when it comes to the one that matters most, she’d likely say yes too. Be cool with her answer. Do not overreact. If she agrees, set the date and time. If she declined, be a sport. Show that you can accept defeat like a man. This might make her think twice about her decision. Do not wait for the perfect moment as it will never come. Attraction has an expiration date so the longer you wait, the lesser the chance that she’d accept your invitation. After hearing her response, be ultra-casual. Pick up on a topic that you left on. Use the same tone and pitch level while you were conversing earlier.


  1. Keep trying. There’s always a next time. If you really like this girl, work on another technique. Bear in mind that women loved to be wooed but up to a certain extent. You would want to earn affection and not her irritation so keep it all in balance.

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